Refreshing, Rejuvenating, Rehydrating, Revitalizing, 
Greaseless, Stainless, Super Soothing, Organic, Lotion
                   Happy Zak's Scrotum Bliss TM
    Rejuvenates, Refreshes, Relieves, & Revitalizes Scrunched Scrotums

 You've got the Balls, We've got the Bliss. No more Itchy Balls.
Improves Scrotal Wrinkling, Relieves Scrotal Itch. Ends Scrotal Scratching

         Happy Zak's Scrotum BlissTM is 
    Anti-fungal, Anti-septic, Anti-inflamitory, Anti-bacterial,
with regular use, it helps prevent jock itch, rail tail, and monkey butt..!
                          and feels so good to use....!

        Happy Zak's Scrotum BlissTM
                                     is a delightful lotion that that
oothes and stimulates scrunched scrotums simultaneously.
Great for Bicycling, Motorcycling, Sailing, Running, Hiking, & Hockey, etc. Instant relief from bug bites, sunburned, windburned, dry skin, tired aching feet, and most skin irritations. Can be used as a pro-active solution to help prevent irritation caused from wearing a cup, and general skin friction areas.

Scrotum Bliss

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