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                                     Happy Zak's Scrotum Bliss 

                                                Infancy to the Dragon's Den

Happy Zak's Scrotum Bliss was conceived by Alexa Grier and Chip Nary one lovely Florida evening. Chip was dealing with an itchy rash in his genital area after another increasingly uncomfortable bicycle ride along the barrier islands of the Gulf. The sun, sand, and salt water of the beach combined with the frictions of a bicycle seat had really made a mess of things.

 Alexa , in a concerned voice asked, why don't you moisturize your skin and be pro-active about your scrotal skin care? The conversation that followed was one of laughter,non-stop pun's, word plays, and brainstorming that ended up with us exclaiming, this may just be crazy and cool enough to work. Happy Zak's Scrotum Bliss was born.

 We set about trying to develop a super soothing lotion that smelled fresh and had anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-septic properties. One that was organic and full of Mother Nature's natural skin remedies.

 We knew what we wanted and after some preliminary explorations, we enlisted the aide of the chemists at an organic lotion laboratory to help us develop the perfect lotion for the job.

 Once we had this amazing lovely greaseless, stainless, organic, super-soothing lotion, we needed a bottle that was worthy of our marvelous new product.

 After an exhaustive search on the internet we couldn't find our ideal bottle. Being a potter/sculptor Chip decided to see what he could come up with. After several different versions we finally got the one that portrayed the bliss that the lotion brings to the skin. After making the original bottle and stopper, he made molds of them and now can pour several at a time from stoneware casting slip. He has made about 500 and continually making more. We want to make these out of frosted glass with a screw top Happy Zak head. We have priced it out of China using 40% recycled glass and need investment capital to go to this level. This was the plan we approached the Dragon's with. We now have a revised approach that looks promising with the fabulous publicity generated by our visit to the Dragon's Den.

 We quickly realized Happy Zak's Scrotum Bliss was a super-soothing lotion good for all kinds of skin maladies. Healing cracked dry skin and relieving Sunburns and bug bites. It is beneficial for Every Body Every Where and we had to let Happy Zak out of his pants. We did this by using the same great lotion and taking the scrotum out of it. Naming it Happy Zak's Organic Body Bliss, with it's own decorative handmade sister bottle. We have found women find it very beneficial for rashes unique to them.

  During the period from Jan. 2010 to Jan. 2013, Chip had a heart by-pass, a double carotid endarterectomy to clear his carotid arteries, a knee operation and 2 cataract operations. The pair moved from Florida to beautiful Vancouver Island for many reasons. Happy Zak's was all but forgotten for awhile, and we had 400 bottles of our beautiful organic lotion getting old and waiting to spread it's bliss.

 In Dec. of 2012 we sold about 40 bottles to friends who gave Happy Zak's rave reviews as a lotion and as a gift for Christmas, inspiring many laughter filled conversations around the tree. 

 In Jan 2013 we were watching Dragon's Den and they said they were auditioning and go online to see when they would audition near you. They were going to be in Nanaimo, BC. (30 min away) in 3 day's. We got it together as quickly as possible and went to the audition of about 35 different pitchers. We were picked and the result was a whirlwind trip to Toronto to film on April 10th. We sold another 150 bottles of Happy Zak's to friends and supporters to afford the trip and now Happy Zak's has developed an increasing following and bottles just seem to keep selling.

  Happy Zak's Scrotum Bliss has now been introduced to Canada and the world on the 8th season primer of the Dragon's Den. We joked in the early days that we might possibly go there, but never really dreamed it would happen. Now we're here. On the Season Premiere..! Our Informercial will be syndicated..! We are included in the Dragon's Den website and our website is linked to theirs. 

 So now that we have pitched the Dragon's and we can finally say, sadly, we did not get a deal with any of them. What we did get is a fantastic informercial about Happy Zak's and the kind of publicity a $100,000 add campaign wouldn't give you. We are delighted to say that we are working full time to keep up with sales since the show aired. We have received a ton of very positive feedback. Happy Zak seems to be helping with peoples various skin problems and is creating quite a joyful ruckus where ever he pops up.

Chip's medical operations and 3 years of healing without any job or pay have depleted any money we might have had to go further with Happy Zak's. During these years of recovering from operations, Chip worked on Happy Zak's  hoping that Happy Zak's magic would catch on and our baby might actually get to the big time. It does feel as though Happy Zak has become his own entity. He does make people laugh, and relieves a variety of skin issues for many people. People even use the bottle decoratively. He has achieved much acclaim and many fans in his short life.

Alexa and Chip are both full of creative energy. We are also realists and know the difficulties ahead will require considerable business expertise and funding.  We realize developing a business is an art form in it's own right. We are looking for just the right individual or company to join with us to Spread Bliss Around the World, and make a bunch of money in the process.

 We believe the energy created by Happy Zak's so far is an indication the concept can work. Our test marketing has been impressive. We have gotten this far on practically nothing. Although we didn't get a deal with the dragon's, we sold all we brought to the staff of the show and they are using Happy Zak's in promoting the season premiere.

  The Dragon's Den could have been the vehicle to get us there but we hope the exposure of Happy Zak's will not only lead to internet sales, potential retailers, but especially to investors, entrepreneurs, or companies who will be the perfect partner and see the vision and international success we envision. With who we can harmoniously meld to spread the bliss and good cheer!

 Alexa is a holistic healer practicing massage and "electro therapeutic point stimulation" in her practice, and an up-cycle sculptor creating amazing contemporary wall masks from used parts and pieces.

 Chip has managed 3 shift factory and owned a 1 man plumbing shop, as well as being a potter, sculptor and currently employed at Home Depot.

 We are both happy, fun loving people who have a zest for life. Chip is grateful to be healthy and back to work making a living again but our passion is our lotion and the dream yet to be fulfilled.

 Ideally a position developing and promoting Happy Zak's with an income as well as a percentage of the profits would be what we would want. 

   I have done extensive research and have quotes on various approaches to getting to market on a North American approach.

 We can develop a detailed business plan that would be tailor made to the degree of investment and logistical infrastructure we can attract.

 If you would like to join us in our quest to spread Happy Zak's Bliss Around the World, whether you are a potential retailer, or potential investor, please e-mail us at


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