Refreshing, Rejuvenating, Rehydrating, Revitalizing, 
Greaseless, Stainless, Super Soothing, Organic, Lotion
If you saw the season 8 premiere of the Dragon's Den, you know we still need investors, retailers, and investors. They liked our product but we weren't the right fit for them at this time. We are still looking for the perfect partner to help us "Spread the Bliss Around the World..!

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    A pro-active approach to achieve Testicular Tranquility and
   avoid Scrunched Scrotum Syndrome. No More Itchy Balls..!
   Spreading Bliss Around the World, One Scrotum at a Time..!

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  Happy Zak's           Organic
   Body Bliss
         is a,
Dermatological      Delight..!
   Every Body
   Every Where
 also try Happy Zak'sTMOrganic Body Bliss..!
A Dermatological Delight for Every One Every Where!
   In a fun, elegant, hand-made, designer, stoneware, prototype bottle.

     Happy Zak Products, 
     Happy Zak's Scrotum Bliss TM

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